#RealGirlThings | Where does real confidence come from?

When you search the popular hashtag #GirlThings on Instagram or Twitter, you'll find nail polish, outfits of the day, and makeup tutorials. But when you ask real girls what gives them confidence, they'll tell you about their soccer jersey, their sketchbook, their ballet shoes, a photo of their family, and their makeup, too. 

Online | Flat Lay

We know what #GirlThings flat lays look like. To make the #RealGirlThings flat lay, we asked every student, JK-Grade 12, to bring in one item that gives them confidence.

Instagram | Stories Behind the Items

A clickable version of the flat lay made on Instagram, complete with the story behind each item told by the students themselves.

"Real Confidence" Video

A story created using hundreds of drawings from students of all ages about the unique situation girls can find themselves in when trying to build their confidence.